About Us

What we do

Africa Empowerment Fund, L.P. is a social impact fund that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a priority given to youth and female-owned businesses.
The Fund is managed by the Africa Empowerment Fund Managers, LLC. The Fund’s objectives are to;


Invest and build up capacities of SMEs


Increase job creation


Enhance regional integration


Deepen financial inclusion


Generate social impact

SMEs are the engines of economic growth, and provide the best avenue for private sector job creation and ultimately poverty reduction. AEF is a dynamic impact investment Fund that seeks to invest in light industries in the agricultural and clean energy value chain, and in ICT and non-bank financial sectors. AEF seeks to optimize financial returns and measurable social benefits to investors. This double bottom line goal is enhanced through technical assistance and capacity building to businesses to help portfolio firms achieve their performance potential. We invest in visionary entrepreneurs with strong management teams, with potential to become regional champions all the while generating measurable social impact.