Target Sectors

The Africa Empowerment Fund seeks investment opportunities in the following industries:

Agriculture: Light industries in the agricultural value chain. These are industries that utilize agricultural inputs to manufacture to create products that add more value, generate higher profits, and market the products in their own countries or for export in their region and beyond.

Clean Energy: The demand for energy in Africa vastly outstrips supply. The Fund is seeking investment opportunities in energy products and services that contribute to increasing supply of energy. The Fund will give high priority to clean energy products and services, but will consider all energy sector related investments that are not detrimental to the environment.

ICT: The development of ICT products and services in Africa is important in an increasingly digital world. The fund is seeking investment opportunities in this sector. Investment opportunities with regional scope will be given special consideration.

Non- Bank Financial Services: Demand for financial services is growing at a very brisk pace. Financial institutions are not able to meet demand for all financial services for many reasons such as a lack of sector specialists, and often charge exorbitant rates. The Fund is seeking investment opportunities in sector-focused financial services and those with regional growth prospects.